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  • What is Rugile’s Custom Meals?
    Rugile’s Custom Meals is a custom meal service that includes meal planning, food shopping and contactless delivery. All custom meals are small batch and are cooked just for you and to your specifications. We tailor every dish to meet individual client needs, including allergies, intolerances, preferences, and any other dietary needs.
  • Is there a subscription fee?
    There is no fee to be a Rugile’s Custom Meals client. We do deliver on a schedule, so if you need to skip a week, we ask to be notified in advance so that we can accommodate all clients.
  • How do you handle menus if our family has allergies, dietary restrictions, or food aversions?"
    All meals will be prepared to meet your exact specifications. This includes any personal preferences, dietary restrictions, and allergies or sensitivities. We love to be creative and impress our clients with what we can make, regardless of their restrictions.
  • Do I purchase or provide the ingredients?
    No. During our initial conversation, we will discuss any shopping specifications you have, and we handle all of the shopping.
  • How often do I place my orders?
    We create and deliver menus on a weekly basis. During the initial consultation, we will discuss days and times that work best for both schedules.
  • Can I order more than just dinners?
    Absolutely! We love creating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We can also include snacks and desserts upon request.
  • How will I recieve my meals?
    Everything is delivered to your door in a reusable cooler bag. Your meals will be packed in reusable glass containers along with easy-to-follow instructions on heating and serving.
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